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11 Best Fitness Band in India 2019 - Save Money Online on Every Order | BillionShoppers

11 Best Fitness Band in India 2019

Regular workouts in the gym, as well as cardio sessions which include jogging, splinting and walking, have now become a part of every lifestyle all over the world. However, tracking the progress daily and analyzing the results also play a major role in this discipline. There are few devices which can either detect your weight or measure BMI levels or fat levels, which need a lengthy process such as blood tests. Thus fitness bands are emerged to make this tracking easy and convenient.

Fitness band is a portable device just like a watch, but it can also measure the distance you have traveled, calories that you have burnt, fat levels, heartbeat, etc.  With all these features, the fitness band has become one of the most beneficial devices in daily life.

Apart from all the benefits of a fitness band, the price of a perfect tracker is a bit expensive for middle-class people, mainly in India. Moreover, there are tons of company which results in lots of options to a buyer, thus we bring you the 11 best fitness bands in India 2019.

We have ranked the fitness bands based on the cost, performance, accuracy which will also include certain pros and cons of every product to give you a brief idea about each of the fitness bands available in Indian Marketplace.

Key Factors to check before buying a fitness band:

Following are the 6 Key factors that you need to check before buying a fitness band.

  1. Price
  2. Step count & heart rate accuracy tracking
  3. lightweight with beautiful design to match your persona
  4. Battery Life
  5. OLED display with Water Resistance
  6. Connectivity with IOS and Android smartphones

11 Top Fitness Bands in India 2019

#1 Mi band 2 Fitness Band


Mi band 2 has acquired its first place in the market soon after its official release by Xiaomi which is a well-known brand for nearly every electronics accessories all over the world.

Top Features

  • One of the best things about Mi band 2 is its battery. Its battery life is guaranteed to0 be for 20 days and can be connected the whole day by any Android smartphones through a Bluetooth connection.
  • It also includes highly active accelerometer sensor that will display time as soon as you raise your hand in its quite impeccable OLED screen.


  • Amazing battery life that no other fitness band possesses.
  • Quite an affordable price instead of having amazing features.
  • Heartbeat sensor works accurately.
  • Better quality OLED screen with the good displaying feature


  • Not supported for android 5.0 lower android versions.
  • Probably cannot be connected with iOS devices, thus not of use for apple phone holders.

#2 Health sense PD-102


It is the smart 3D pedometer watch by Health sense that possesses Tri-Axis technology. Tri-axis technology is the advanced technology by which one can see the display irrespective of its positions, whether vertically or horizontally.


● Health sense PD-102 watch possess digital 3D Acceleration sensor that can measure the accurate speed, distance, calories and workout times etc.

● The step counter is of the enhanced model which uses smart programming to provide accurate data only after completing 10 steps in the arrow.

Pros: -

  • The Battery life of a year is quite an amazing feature for a smartwatch.
  • Tri-Axis technology is helpful for every user.
  • Acceleration sensor that is said to be digital 3D works quite accurately.
  • Looks like a normal watch although having impeccable features.

Cons: -

●       It cannot be connected to external devices such as smartphones.

●       Heart rate sensor is not present.

#3 Mi Band- HRX edition


HRX is the fitness brand of Hrithik Roshan that brought out this quite minimal model of Mi Band 2. MI Band HRX edition is quite same as that of the brand new model of fitness tracker by Mi, but it lacks a heartbeat sensor. This brand seems to be smashing the smartwatch market with its quite affordable price.


●  One of the first and foremost additional features of Mi Band HRX edition is it is compatible with iOS 7 and also Android 4.0 too that many watches can’t extend.

●   It has Bluetooth connection feature and the battery life of 23 days.

Pros: -

●       Quite advanced unlocking features.

●       Bluetooth connection and long battery life.

●       Simple user interface and lightweight

●       Unique design and attractive look.

Cons: -

●       Lacking Heartbeat sensor.

●       Not helpful in intense cardio sessions

#4 Honor Band- 3


Honor is a well-known brand in the smartphone world and all other mobile accessories. This activity tracker by Honor became renowned due to its incredible design as well as water resistance features that attracted many customers towards it.


● Incredible water resistance features and can be used while swimming.

● A Heart rate algorithm for the heartbeat sensor is programmed for many exercise sessions.

● Sleep tracking is one of the beneficial features.


● Sleep tracker works quite well with its smart detection features.

● It can be connected to any smartphone by using its application through GPS.

● Battery life up to 30 days

● Good water resistance capabilities.


● Calories tracking are a bit slower.

● Accelerometer sensor doesn’t work well

#5 Huawei ERS-B19 Band-2


This fitness tracker is a perfect elegant looking smartwatch that suits to casual as well as professional outfits too. Huawei Band-2 can get connected with all Android as well as iOS devices through any version of Bluetooth connection.


● All the smartwatch features such as heartbeat count, calorie burnt analysis and steps count are present in this fitness band.

●  It also has inbuilt fitness coach that helps in workout sessions to increase your performance.


● Huawei ERS B19 has a long battery life of 504 hours after continuous usage even after continuous heartbeat monitoring.

● Workout and breathing coach are integrated

● Ergonomic design

● Step count and heartbeat monitoring are accurate.


● Straps can break in rough usage.

● Calorie levels seem to be misleading.

#6 Fitbit Charge HR


This smartwatch includes heart rate and activity tracker that made it an upgraded version of the previous fitness tracker by Fitbit. Other than Fitbit 2, HR has a smaller OLED screen which looks quite stylish.


● Heartbeat tracking feature is continuous and can analyze the whole track progress of the day and even a week with the stored data.

● Fitbit Charge HR is having a small and compatible screen that can be perfectly fit for multisport tracking.


● Heartbeat tracking is accurate and can help in guided breathing sessions.

● Wireless sync dongle.

● Have a wide variety of colors.

● The smaller screen makes it look like a band.


● No waterproofing capabilities.

● No additional coaching applications.

#7 Fitbit charge 2


Fitbit charge 2 is the wireless activity tracker that uses pure pulse technology to detect the heartbeat through wrists. It can also display a personalized fitness score that can be helpful in intense workouts and also in analyzing resting heart rate.


● Battery life extends up to 5 days after continuous using.

● Notification alerts can be sent through GPS connectivity.


● Bands are customizable

● GPS tracking and notification alerts.

● Best heart rate monitoring

● Good in guided breathing sessions.


● Not completely waterproof.

● Messages are not displayed completely on screen.

#8 Letscom Fitness tracker


It is one of the best heart rate monitoring smart fitness bands. Letscom has personalized in-app properties by which you can get the complete analysis of the track. It can connect to GPS and you can also get the map of your post-workout routes.


● It can connect with any Android or iOS devices through GPS.

● Heart rate and sleep tracking can be done through a personalized application in smartphones.


● Enhanced sleep tracking and heartbeat monitoring.

● Easy user interface and perfect for beginners.

● GPS connectivity and notification alerts.

● Battery life of a week and the complete record can be saved in the phone.


● Not visible in sun exposure.

● Suits to only girls

#9 Goqii vital


Goqii vital is the most advanced form of fitness tracker available in the market. More than the tracker, it's a fitness ecosystem which possesses all features that can help you in reaching your targets. It is the perfectly designed fitness band for any of the beginner in healthy schedules


● It can save the whole record of your tracking progress which can be submitted even for diagnosis.

● One can look at their routines and their progress through thyrocare.


● Fitness ecosystem support is one of the most beneficial additions.

● Alerts for messages in an application such as Whatsapp.

● Blood pressure can be tracked accurately.

● Goqii health plan schedules are good for beginners.


● Less accuracy in heart beat monitoring.

● Lacks accelerometer sensor.

#10 Fitbit Flex 2

It is a wireless activity tracker with the most stylish design. It is the slimmest watch till date that looks cool and trendy. This tracker can connect to any smartphone even iOS through a Bluetooth connection.


● It has probably less weight and 5 indicator lights which are quite reliable and can be seen while message alerts too.

● Fitbit activity tracker can save the data of a week for regular progress analysis.


● Long battery life and large display.

● Slim design.

● Complete water resistance.

● Connects with every Smartphone including iOS devices too.


● It is only an activity tracker and no watch display.

● The screen display is not present.

#11 Honor band A2


Honor has launched this brand new device recently that has a larger display than any other smartwatches. It has an incredible battery life even it is having a larger OLED display.


● Honor Band A2 can connect with every Smartphone that supports Bluetooth 4.2

● It can integrate with Huawei wear app which is quite a good application for regular health schedules and workout timetables.

● It can track fitness real-time intensity by heart rate monitor present in it.


● Long battery life.

● Larger OLED display.

● All-time heartbeat Monitoring.

● Personalization options in regular health plans.


● It requires the application to integrate with it for more analysis of fitness intensity.

● It can view only last few messages from sync applications.

Quick Review of Fitness Brand in India 2019

Best Recommended Fitne​ss Band

Product Image

Customer Review

Best Price

Fitbit charge 2


Mi Band 2 Black


Huawei ERS B19


Honor Band- 3


Wrapping Up:

Check for the key factors mentioned in the beginning of this article and always pick the one which shows accurate heartbeat and your daily activities.

GOQii Vital the brain child of Vishal Gondal who founded the game development and publishing company Indiagames is the one you have to optin if you are looking for a best fitness band under Rs.5000 for its advanced and useful features.

If you want to track or monitor your daily activities with accurate heart beat Fitbit Charge-2 is the best fitness band.

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