7 Best CCTV Cameras India 2019

We all have heard this common adage, "The right tool for the right job." Similarly, a right CCTV camera type makes the surveillance effective.

Most security cameras today are accessible on either Android or iOS devices, giving you the convenience to operate them via your smartphone.

There's a lot to consider as far as security camera features, specs and general tech goes. Before buying one, you need to have a brief idea of what to look for. CCTV cameras have evolved substantially and considering modern technology, purchasing a new one can be intimidating. To help you out we have listed some of the best CCTV cameras available in India. Take a look:

1. Sricam wifi Wireless SP007 2MP 1080p Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera CCTV


Sricam wifi Wireless SP007 features a basic and straightforward design. Completely IP66 Waterproof, this camera can easily survive dust & water. The sponge protectors cover the sides to prevent any scratch or damages. The motion detection option will send you an alarm whenever some motion is detected. The inbuilt IR LEDs with ICR allows night vision and can easily record up to 35 feet in complete darkness.

The Application used is APCam, P2P software. You can easily download "Sricam" in the APP store to easily access more functions. It has inbuilt SD card slot & supports up to 128GB Micro SD card that 'lets you watch recorded videos and images. With HD 720 resolution, it can rotate in any angle you wish to. It can be connected to your network by wifi and AP hotspot. The built-in wifi technology supports most 2.4Ghz access points. It comes with 1 Year of Warranty.

Perfect for Outdoor Facility, this waterproof camera is best for any watch of your home, office, factory, etc. wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. Overall, this high definition camera with audio monitoring and night vision is a value for money.

2. D3D D8810 HD wifi CCTV Indoor


It features HD 1 Megapixel lens for flawless monitoring. Using the mobile application camera can be rotated at 355° horizontally & 110° vertically. Its PTZ function lets you monitor every corner, thereby eliminating the need to install multiple CCTV cameras in all directions. It can be easily installed in just 5 minutes without any technical help.

Equipped with multilevel recording functions, this camera can record images and videos on SD card, Cloud server/ FTP, and email. So even if the camera has been stolen or broken, Cloud keeps all the recordings safe on FTP. All the recordings can be easily accessed with mobile Application, with no need to transfer the files from the camera to computer.

The motion detection feature sends alarm whenever any motion is detected. The HD night vision provides 24/7 monitoring. It is equipped with an in-built mic and speaker for voice conversation that lets you live video chat with your family members from anywhere in the world. It supports multiple users to view the live recording at the same time. It comes with 1 Year Warranty.

Featuring a stylish look and power packed with features, it is one of the best CCTV cameras 'you'll come across in India. Overall, this is a good product for indoors but may feel a bit expensive.

3. ProElite IP01AX 2MP Full HD (1920×1080) wifi Wireless IP Security Camera CCTV


The Camera's HD resolution 1080P high quality gives a crisp and clear image. With its 360 Degree Full Viewing angle, you can cover every corner of your room. It lets you watch live video or recorded video from anywhere in the world. It can rotate pan at 355 degrees and tilt at 120 degrees. Its two-way audio function 'lets you not only hear the voice but also speak just at a press of a button on an app. It has an inbuilt speaker that broadcast your clear voice.

With the dual antenna, you can get rid of unnecessary wiring. The motion detection feature sends you alerts on your mobile whenever some motion is detected. Videos can be recorded in multiple options like NVR or Micro SD card or PC/Laptop. The camera supports up to 128 GB Micro SD card for recording.

Using the playback option of the App or in PC, you can watch SD card recorded videos. Videos can be downloaded without removing the SD card from the camera. The Infrared Night vision 'lets you capture even in complete darkness with visibility up to 16 feet. With its multi-user platform, up to four users can watch video simultaneously.

This camera can work with a 2.4Ghz wifi Router, wifi Dongles but not with a 5.0Ghz. For detailed instructions, it comes with user Manual that has a dedicated helpline number.

With simple and easy wifi setup, this is a good camera that works well in all situations. Reasonably priced, it is a complete value for money.

4. ThinkValue T8855 Wireless HD IP wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera


Easy to set up and operate, this wifi CCTV camera with its 720p resolution allows you high-definition picture quality even in low light. Not only this but also the wide dynamic range and distant backgrounds are clear and detailed. Enabled with dual motor-head design camera, it rotates to capture a full 355° horizontal view and 120° vertical view, making it possible to capture every corner.

The 'camera's shockproof design and quiet motor allow a silent operation. This highly functional camera 'lets you remotely view/record live video from a smartphone, tablet, or a PC. Whenever any motion is detected, the camera will send alerts on the user's email or App with the picture of the person entered in the home. Its in-built mic and speaker allows for voice conversation.

F2.1 aperture and the 8-bulb 920nm infrared illuminator allows clear night time visibility up to 10 meters. You can store up to 128GB on SD card. It is not waterproof, so not functional for outdoor use.

This power packed feature camera with two-way monitoring is nothing but the best. Suitable only for indoor use, this one is full bang for the buck.

5. Royallite Wireless HD IP wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera


With inbuilt IR lens, it ensures HD night vision wit crisp, clear, and quality images. It has in-built motion detection technology that alerts you every time a motion gets detected via email. Data can also be stored in SD cards, thus no need for separate DVR. Set up and installation is easy and simpler.

The in-built microphone and speaker enable video chat in real time. With its Cloud Recording feature, the recordings can be stored in Server via FTP. Thus, no need to worry even if your camera is broken or stolen. You can rotate this camera at 360 degrees, horizontally or vertically from anywhere in the world using mobile Application. It comes with a one year warranty.

It also features multi-platform access, multi-user access, playback option, and much more. You can connect multiple devices with your camera for more security.

This indoor CCTV camera, equipped with magnificent features is undoubtedly one of the best Indoor Surveillance Cameras available in India. Pricing is genuine, and this one is worth the consideration.

6. Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IRP 1MP CMOS IR Night Vision Bullet Camera


Featuring small and space saving design, With Turbo HD output and up to the 720P resolution, this camera is equipped with 1.0 Megapixel high-performance CMOS. IP66 waterproof, this camera is enabled to withstand extreme temperature conditions; thus, it is suitable for outdoor use. It is easy to set up and install.

It can Adopt HDTV technology and shows you the true day night. The inbuilt IR LEDs allows night vision and can easily record up to 20 meters in complete darkness. With Hik-Connect App, it will enable Mobile View at any place. This App performs on both IOS and Android. It allows Cloud Storage on the internet, thereby letting you view CCTV Recording Videos from any place. It is easily compatible with HDMI as well as VGA Monitors.

Despite its small size, this Hikvision CCTV camera is quite functional and perfect for home security.

7. Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera


The dual motor-head design enables the camera to rotate and capture a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view. The 'camera's shockproof design and quiet motor allow a silent operation. With Mi Camera's 20 megapixels, 1080p resolution, clear and high definition picture quality is ensured. This camera requires 24x7 connectivity with a solid internet connection and with good upload bandwidth.

The all-new low-light true color technology captures well even in low light conditions. The f2.1 aperture and 8-bulb 940nm infrared illuminator increase night time visibility. A motion detection alarm alerts you and notifies you on your phone, whenever any motion is detected. Using its 2-way audio, you can always talk to your family.

It lets you view recorded videos on your smartphone or tablet with playback speed up to 16x. The camera is pre-installed with the rotation base and can be placed anywhere. Inverted installation is also possible. It can conveniently store videos as it supports Network Attached Storage (NAS). The advanced video encoding technology allows smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on detail.

This home security camera works seamlessly and is worth the consideration. If you are on a budget, then this is the best home monitoring camera. 


CCTV is the best way to safeguard your house or office. With endless products in the market, 'there's bound to be an option out there that will work for your requirements. Research thoroughly and buy the best value for money CCTV surveillance camera system within your budget.

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