Top 6 Best Dishwasher In India 2019

Let's be honest; no one likes washing dishes. Now imagine, all your dirty dishes and cutlery getting clean while you to any other work. Isn't that amazing? Dishwashers are a perfect choice for your kitchen. But, as far as India is concerned, dishwashers are the most underrated kitchen appliances.

Majority of Indians are slowly adapting to the idea of dishwashers. Benefits of buying a dishwasher are many- cost, effectiveness, hygiene, and the environment. The average water used by a dishwasher per wash is much less than that used if the dishes were washed under a tap.

With changing technology, a lot of efficient and economical dishwashers have been ruling the market. With a myriad of options, shopping for a new dishwasher can be intimidating. To ease it out for you, we have listed some of the best dishwashers in India. Take a look:

1. Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I)


Perfect for Indian utensils, this Dishwasher features an intensive Kadhai program that cleans oily and masala stained kadhais, patilas, cookers, and other Indian utensils efficiently. It's Auto Programme feature automatically does all the work to give you an optimum wash; however, soiled your dishes are.

With the time delay function, you can start as per your desired time. Just pre-select the program and wash at any time during the day, during work hours, or at night. It has a display screen that indicates the precise remaining time. In case there is a lesser load, use the HalfLoad option to wash the fewer utensils.

It has an AquaSensor that senses the level of soiling and adjusts the water usage accordingly. Not only this, its rotary speed sensor detects the size of the load and uses the required water accordingly. It's Eco Silence Drive, and the unique brushless motor is quite powerful and durable. No pre-rinsing of utensils is required before loading the Dishwasher.

Express Sparkle clean and dry your dishes under an hour. Giving a hygienic wash, the water in this Dishwasher heats up to 70° C and kills 99.9% germs and bacteria. It can easily handle delicate crockery and glassware and prevents frequent breakage. It also has some latest safety features such as child lock, etc. The company offers 10 years warranty against rust-through of dishwashers inner-tub.

Undoubtedly, this ultimate Dishwasher has got your back. Truly build for Indian utensils, this Dishwasher will make life easier by saving energy, water, and time. An excellent choice for domestic use, this one is worth the value.

2. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher


This hi-tech appliance features a smart design and stunning finish that lightens up your kitchen decor. Racks can be folded, and baskets can be shifted to make maximum use of space. It can comfortably accommodate your tall glasses, small cups, big pans, cutlery, and various dishes. Its A++ energy efficiency helps save big on your pockets and is environment-friendly.

With 12 place settings capacity, it has 2 wash arms. With a consumption rate of just around nine liters of water per day, it saves water and power. When you have fewer utensils, use the Half load feature to save water, detergent and energy. With height adjustable Upper Basket, you can wash and clean more in a single load. It is equipped with built-in water softening device to ensure that your glassware is sparkling clean.

It's steam drying feature ensures perfect drying of utensils without any marks. With a quick wash, get the lightly soiled dishes done in just 40 minutes. With its Eco wash, clean loads with a minimum of resources. The control panel is user-friendly and straightforward.

Suitable for all your washing needs, this free, fully standing Dishwasher makes washing a relaxing task. Genuinely priced, this is one of the best energy-efficient portable Dishwasher you'll come across.

3. LG D1451WF Dishwasher


With 14 place settings, this Dishwasher comes with Smart Rack system that allows you to adjust the times for flexible loading easily. The Inverter Direct Drive Motor allows efficient transfer of energy, and it is covered by ten years warranty. The LED display provides Dishwasher's information in colors for easy visibility. The stainless steel tub in this machine is quite durable and repels stains and odors.

The main problem people have with dishwashers is the noise they create. Surprisingly, the Dishwasher is the last thing you hear in the kitchen due to its innovative technology. It has adjustable height rack that can easily fit large items for more functionality. It has other amazing features like error display, aqua stop, and auto-restart.

For safety, it features child lock that can be used for locking the dishwasher panel when in use. In case you encounter any problem, dial Smart Diagnosis, and wait for the instructions. It removes the wastage of time involved in explaining your problem. The Energy Saving feature allows you to save energy through automatic display off during the standby mode. The company offers two years of comprehensive warranty on the product.

If you have a big family or require a dishwasher for professional use, then it is indeed one of the best dishwashers that you'll come across. Taking into consideration its price and features, this one is an excellent choice and worth the high value.

4. Siemens 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SN256I01GI)


This 12 Place settings, freestanding Dishwasher comes with 6 wash programs. Solid built quality; the inner tub is made of stainless steel. The Dishwasher is provided with two sensors Aquasensor and Load sensor. In case of fewer utensils, HalfLoad option lets you clean the dishes, thereby saving water and energy at the same time. The wear-free iQdrive motor is quiet and very effective. The LED displays make it easy to figure out things.

The HygienePlus option provides antibacterial dishwashing by eliminating up to 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. The Express Sparkle gets your dishes and cutlery clean and dry in under an hour. Preactivated VarioSpeed reduces wash cycle time. It also has automatic detergent detection. There is also a timer with 24 hrs time delay settings along with remaining program time indicator.

The intensive 70 deg prog provides cleaning for heavy soiled utensils. It has foldable racks and dosage assist basket. As it is a freestanding version, it's installation is very simple. It's a user-friendly appliance with easy to understand manuals. There is a 2-year comprehensive warranty on the product. The company has also given 10 years of anti-rust warranty for the inner cavity.

Overall, this high performing dishwasher is one of the best Dishwashers in India. Though it feels a bit overpriced, its a good product with good quality. 

5. SPT SD-2224DS Countertop Dishwasher


It features a durable stainless steel interior and sprays arm that is powerful enough to clean your dishes effectively. With a height of only 17.24", this compact design unit will fit between most countertop and cabinetry. The stainless steel interior is easy to clean and disinfect. There is no worrying about it getting stained by rust, grease or anything else for that matter.

It comes with six standard place settings and 6 wash cycles (heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, soak) to choose as per your requirements. The light and normal cycles are best for fast, everyday washing requirements. It includes a dish rack and silverware basket.

The control panel is straightforward and user-friendly. Installation is quite simple as it can connect to any kitchen faucet, thereby eliminating the need for direct plumbing or permanent installation. For more convenience, it comes with automatic detergent and rinses agent dispenser. Automatic dispensers release detergents at the perfect time.

Perfect for apartments, office kitchens, or any small-sized kitchens; it is one of the best appliances you'll come across. Its interesting design, combined with its sturdy build quality and solid cleaning performance justifies its price tag.

6. Whirlpool 14 Place Settings Dishwasher (PowerClean-WFC3C24 PF)


This Dishwasher is equipped with revolutionary PowerClean Pro Technology that uses high-pressure spray nozzles give outstanding cleaning results. The water jets are powerful and remove the toughest stains and oil from the utensils with ease. It has 8 wash programs and 14 place settings with excellent usage flexibility. It can easily store taller & wider items in the upper rack. The cutting edge European design and intuitive interface are quite captivating.

The intelligent 6TH SENSE Technology in Whirlpool Dishwashers intuitively detects the level of soil present on the dishes and clean accordingly. It saves both time and water. The noise level is only 44db; therefore, this is one of the most silent dishwashers available. It delivers energy class A++ efficiency and only uses up to 9.5litres of water. The interface is user-friendly and lets you conveniently select all programs quickly and easily.

With 4 foldable racks, it provides you with up to 30% extra space so that you can clean all your utensils in one go. The Delay start feature starts the cleaning cycle at a later time and lets you wash as per your convenience. The company offers 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product.

Highly reliable, this unit is energy efficient and can easily wash all your utensils at once. When it comes to performance, convenience, and ease of operation, this one is the best affordable option available.


Gone are the days when people use to prefer a pair of hands to do their vessels. These days, space for a Dishwasher in your kitchen is mandatory. Believe us; these modern dishwashers clean much better than the hand washing and scrubbing. Investing in a dishwasher is a beneficial decision for which your hands will thank you. Thoroughly research on some of the best dishwashers in India and make a wise choice.

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