Best Gas Stove in India 2019

If you are constructing a new home or remodeling your kitchen, buying a stove will be one of the important decisions you will make. Gas stoves have been one of the oldest choices for most of the households. Gas stove gives instant heat due to which it is the preference of cooks and house makers. You can easily assess the intensity of the heat by looking at it and gas stoves can beat electricity stoves as they provide exact temperatures which are required for cooking perfect food.

With numerous benefits of gas stoves, the most highlighting feature is the ability to cook even during a power cut. An electric stove requires a lot of hassle as it can be used only with special cooking utensils and consumes a lot of electric energy which will eventually mean higher bills.

Why do we recommend gas stoves?

Gas stoves are your best buy as they are compatible with all your cooking ware and pots. You don’t have to buy additional equipment for cooking. Depending on the local utility rates, gas stoves are less expensive and save your costs. Gas stoves, like all other household equipment’s are an investment. So, conduct a good research before you hit the markets. The body of the gas stove should be durable and made of stainless steel to prevent any rusting and damage from the cooking environment of the kitchen.The old traditional gas stoves are now replaced by glass bodies or fiber-glass. This will give your kitchen a unique look and make your counter look more attractive.

Gas stoves are best suited to the Indian cultures as these stoves have 3 or even 4 burners which help you cook multiple items simultaneously. Due to the amount of cooking required in the Asian cultures, fuel-saving becomes easy with these stoves. Gas stoves are known for cooking food in no time. Not just they save time, they save your effort and fuel as well. Gas stoves might sound like the old conventional burners when actually they are a combination of the modern technology in terms of the ignition feature. The ignition can be automatic as well as manual along with three to four burner options.

Best 3 burner stoves in India- 2019

We are giving you a brief of the best 3 burner stoves along with their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Elica Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove (SPACE ICT 773 BLK)


Do you want a 3 burner gas stove with a glass top within a budget of Rs. 5000? Elica gas stove it is then. This stove not only gives you efficiency in cooking but it also comes with an attractive design. The stove has heavy duty brass burners and an additional feature of European gas valve. There is a manual mode of ignition and the stove is really easy to clean due to its glass body.


  • 2-year warranty.
  • Made of stainless steel and durable glass body.


  • It has a manual ignition.

2. Pigeon Troika Glass-Ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove


Pigeon troika is a rust proof 3 burner gas stove with a glossy black body. The glossy powder coated material makes it easy to clean and maintain. It is made with stainless steel and a glass top. Glass top gas stoves are a favorite for most of the women due to its sleek design. This stove can go on for years without any wear and tear with its strong body. The stove comes with rubber legs and rotary knobs. With all these amazing features and a 2-year warranty, this stove has a price of Rs. 3999. If you want to buy a good stove with an economical budget, then this stove is the best option for you.


  • Made of stainless steel and ceramic body.
  • This stove has a warranty of 2-years.


  • The manual mode of ignition.

3. Prestige GTM 03L SS Glass Top Gas Table


This glass top stove comes with a symmetrical triangle layout which gives a seamless cooking experience. This design gives you space to do your chores without clashing with your utensils. The modern look of the stove will give your kitchen a new outlook. The stove is made from tough glass body and stainless steel which makes it more durable. It offers a manual mode of ignition with a 3 tri-pin burner. The stove contains spill trays which make cleaning easier.Along with all these amazing features, it also has a 2-year warranty and a premium price of Rs. 6,690. With this premium price, the features that you get are worth it.


  • An additional feature of pan support for making tandoori chicken.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • The stove has an elegant black look with a tough glass body.


  • The manual mode of ignition.
  • Poor customer service along with delayed delivery times.

4. Pigeon Ultra Glass, SS Manual Gas Stove


If you are searching for a 4 burner gas stove? Then your search is over. The pigeon ultra-glass stove comes with a glass body and a manual ignition mode. The elegant black body and intricate design adds to the beauty of your kitchen. From its appearance to its functions, this gas stove is made of a tough body and stainless steel. The stove comes with very high-quality knobs and anti-skid rubber feet.It has four thermal brass burners with a high-quality aluminum mixing tube. This stove gives you a 2-year warranty at a price of Rs. 4299. With this economical price, this stove gives you all the best features and should be a must buy.


  • It comes with four burners with thermal efficiency.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Manual gas stove made a strong glass body.


  • Manual mode of ignition which makes it hard to use.

5. Glen CT1043GTAL 4 Burner Gas Stove 


Are you looking for a stove with efficiency and economic price? Than Glen stove it is.It has been certified by ISI as one of the best stoves in India. It comes with a 4 mm thick pan support feature with a high flame burner. It gives you a 4 burner option to help you cook multiple meals at a time.The stove has user-friendly features such as black nozzles and knobs placed with appropriate distance making them easy to move around. The rectangle shape of the stove makes it easy to place it anywhere in your kitchen and is available for a price of Rs. 4295 making it cheap and economical.


  • ISI certification for best performance.
  • 4 mm thick extra pan support.
  • Fuel efficient brass burners to save fuel and money.
  • Great body design with 4 burners and stainless steel body.


  • It offers an only 1-year warranty.
  • Manual mode of ignition making it a less favorite choice.

6. Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Stove


This model is surely the best stove available in India with a price of Rs. 4797 standing in the line of premium brands.Prestige offers one of the best and reliable products in the field of electrical and gas appliances. This 4 burner gas stove has an elegant design with unbreakable glass. The body color and design add value to your kitchen.


  • 2-year warranty on the stove.
  • Made of reliable glass and stainless steel.
  • Enormous black knobs making it easy to use.


  • Manual mode of ignition.
  • Does not work with pipeline gas connection and requires additional nozzles.

Best Dual Burner Gas stoves in India - 2019

7. Fabiano Fabsurya-2 Burner 7mm Toughened Glass top Gas Stove Cooktop with Brass Burners


This stove is best for a small family as it comes with 2 burners. If you want to buy a small and cheap burner, then you can get this burner for only Rs. 1,999. This stove is best known for its safety features such as the 7 mm brass burner with a glass top.


  • It is rust proof and easy to clean.
  • Even flame distribution brass burners.


  • The knobs are very tight making it hard to use.


This sleek and modern design is a premium stove which comes with a price of Rs. 5,699.Everyone is guilty of spilling liquids over the stove specially when cooking. This stove comes with a spill tray which makes cleaning easy.


  • Contains spill trays and has a rust proof body.
  • High-efficiency brass burners.


  • Pricey as compared to other manual ignition gas stoves.

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