11 Best Geysers Water Heaters in India 2019

Do you want to buy a geyser or water heater to warm yourself up during the cold temperatures in winter? Then you have reached the right place. This article is in the gist of providing all the information that you will need to buy the best geysers water heater in India.

1. Havells Monza EC Storage Water Heater

Buy-Havells-Monza-Water Heater

Havells Monza Geyser is one of the top ranking in the best water geysers available in 3 different capacities of 10, 15 and 25 liter Storage options. This is one of the best storage geyser in India and cost effective for people with budget. It has adjustable knob for setting the temperature between 25 to 75 C. The geyser comes with a pressure capacity of 8 bar that ensure that the water heater is suitable for apartments that are high-rise. The product comes with an inner conatiner with 5 years Warranty and 2 Year warranty on the product.

Key Features:

  • It has Feroglastechnology
  • Comes with an Incoloy heating element
  • Adjustable knob
  • Capacity of 10, 15 and 25 liters which make it ideal for a family of 3-4
  • Earth leakage circuit breaker
  • A heavy-duty anode rod
  • Ideal for high rise apartments


  • Low warranty on tank and there is no warranty on the heating element.

The geyser comes in 3 variants of 10, 15 and 25 liters which indicates one can the buy the product with same specifications for all the capacities depending on the need. Flexible and cos-effective, this water heater is the best instant water heater in India.

2. American Micronic Imported Water Heater


This geyser comes in 2 variants of 15 liters and 25 liters storage tank. As claimed by American Micronic this geyser is the only geyser in India that has 3 energy saving power modes. It has an inner steel tank that is made of the Titanium enamel glass lining. The lining is 2mm thick and it can handle up to 8 bar of pressure. The Build Quality of the American Micronic Geyser is very good and it is made up of a corrosion resistant material of very high quality. It has a 2-year replacement warranty. This is why American Micronic is one of the best geyser in India.

Key Features:

  • The tank is lined with Titanium enamel glass
  • Magnesium Anode for Rust  Protection
  • 15 Liters – 25 Liters Storage
  • 8 bars pressure
  • 3 energy saving power modes


  • Less warranty period.
  • The service is a little challenging because the company is new.

Though being new in market, American Micronic has made its place in the top best geysers in India. The geysers manufactured by this company are  energy efficient and cost-effective.

3. Havells Flagro Gas Heater


This model has a storage tank that is coated with feroglas. It holds 6-liter water. The best gas geyser in India uses Incoloy heating element. This heats up water instantly. It also functions at 220-240 Volt. The output power of the geyser is 1200 Watts. It uses PUF insulation of high-density to consume less energy. This makes this gas geyser very much cost effective.

Key Features:

  • Feroglas coating on the tank
  • Incoloy material on heating element
  • PUF insulation to consume less energy
  • instant water heating
  • 6 liters capacity
  • 2-year warranty


  • Output power is less.
  • Warranty of the product is less.
  • Capacity is only for 6 liters.

This gas geyser is one of the best gas geysers in India which is sufficient for a 1-2 people. The compact size and the easy handling makes it rank in the top geysers to be used in India.

4. AO Smith Water Heater


There are 2 variant models available in AO Smith HSE – SDS water heater for 15 liters and 25 liters. The geyser has a sleek design and is compact in size which makes it easy to fit. The geyser has an inner tank that comes with a lining of Blue Diamond Glass. This makes the material corrosion resistant. Because the heating chamber is coated with glass there is no chance of scale formation like other water heaters on the surface. The tank is protected by corrosive elements because of the presence of the anode rod with a core made up of stainless steel.

It has a temperature control Knob that enables one to set the temperature manually. It has a thermal cutout function which will cut off the power supply if the water temperature of water exceeds the threshold preset level. It also has a safety valve feature that will automatically start discharging water once the pressure exceeds the preset limit.

Key Features:                        

  • Blue diamond glass lined tank
  • Stainless steel heating core
  • Best geyser in India for hard water
  • Temperature Range: 25-75 degree centigrade
  • Water Pressure rated: 8 Bar
  • Storage tank is 15/25 liter


  • There is no earth leakage protection.
  • It only has normal 2000 W heating element but instead, using 3000W heating element would make it faster.

With a thermostat and thermal cutout function this water geyser is perfect for your winters. The storage is 15 and 25 liters which makes it ideal for family use.

5. Crompton Solarium Storage Water Heater


The Crompton Solarium 15 Liter Water Heater is an appealing design storage water heater. It is easy to mount it on your bathroom wall.  The water heater has a storage tank capacity of 15 liters so you can take long showers without having to worry about water getting cold. You can manually set the temperature with the help of the heating knob. The heating stops when the water reaches the threshold temperature. You do not have to worry if you forget to turn off the geyser because of the Auto Thermostat feature.

Key Features:

  • Temperature control knob
  • Auto Thermostat feature
  • 15-liter capacity
  • Non polymer coating on tank
  • Saves electricity and hence cost effective
  • Easy to fit on wall


  • The water becomes smelly like the smell of a burnt plastic for initial days after the installation.

The Crompton Solarium 15 Liter water heater is one of the best storage geysers in India. Easy to mount on your bathroom wall, this geyser heats up the water quickly so that you stay motivated to take long showers on a cold winter morning.

6. Kenstar Jacuzzi KGS15W5P Storage Water Heater


Kenstar Jacuzzi 2000 Watt is a 15-Litre Storage water heater. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has rated this geyser as 5 stars. This is actually the best geyser in India in 2019. The geyser has high energy efficiency. The water geyser looks elegant and has a rust-free outer body made up of ABS Plastic. The storage tank is built up with stainless which is both corrosion resistant and durable that can store up to 15 liters. It has the highest safety standards and ISI has certified it. It uses heat retention technology and prevents the loss of heat.

Key Features

  • 15-liter capacity
  • Rust free stainless steel storage tank
  • Heat retention preventing heat loss
  • BEE 5-star rating for high energy efficiency
  • Safety valve and power supply cut off
  • Rust free body
  • Power is 2000 watts
  • Warranty: 2-year comprehensive warranty


  • The warranty period is less.
  • Not suitable for high rise buildings.
  • Water leaks from geyser after sometime.

This convenient electric geyser makes up for the best electric geysers in India in price because of its heat retention features. It has a safety valve and power supply cut off to ensure that your house always remains safe.

7. Bajaj New Shakti 15 Liter vertical water heater


Bajaj New Shakti is amongst the best geysers in India for home use. This is a storage type of water heater.  The geyser has a lot of safety measures against the issues of overheating, pressure, and dry heating. The storage tank is made up of the rust-free material and is Glassline coated. It has a highly efficient Incoloy heating element. The capacity to hold water is 15 liters. It consists of a protection device which attracts the harmful salt types and keeps the tank and heating element corrosion free. This is one of the best geysers in 2019 in India.

Key Features

  • 15-liter capacity
  • Rated Pressure 0.70 MPA.
  • 2 KW Heating Element
  • Glasslined Coating on the Inner Tank.
  • Best for high pressure and pump installations.
  • Fire Retardant cable with three pins plug.
  • Warranty of 2 years on product


  • The warranty period is less.
  • The product takes some time more than usual to heat up water.

Bajaj being a very well know company in the field of electric home appliances gives you a very cost-effective geyser. With listed features it provides several benefits and makes up to be one of the best geysers in India in 2019.

8. Crompton Greaves Solarium Plus Instant Water Heater


More than 450 users have rated this water heater as 5 stars on Amazon and the best electric geyser in India. This also one of the best geyser in India in price. It is an instant water heater with 2 year warranty. There no corrosion because it is made with the ABS Plastic. It is very light in weight as it weighs 3.3 kg and very easy to mount on the bathroom wall. 2 LED lights are present: Red and Green. Red is for power supply and green is for the operation. The thermostat in this geyser is preset for 55C. The power supply will shut automatically if the temperature exceeds. You get hot water in just less than 2 minutes. 

Key Features:

  • Steel water heater with ABS plastic body
  • Capacity is 3 liters
  • Gives hot water in less than 2 minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount on the wall
  • Auto power cut off


  • There is a need to purchase a separate 16 A plug to install this.
  • There is no feasible option for inlet and outlet; hence you will have to purchase it separately.

With all the positive ratings and reviews, this geyser is undoubtedly the best geyser in India in the compact category. This is easy to mount, easy to handle, easy to afford for a single person.

9. AO Smith EWS-3 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


This AO Smith Geyser is just 3 liters capacity holder geyser. It has a corrosion free outer body because of the plastic used of superior quality. It has a glass coating in the heating element construction. So no scaling happens on the water heater. The pressure withstanding capacity is very high to 95 psi making it the best for the high-rise buildings. Power cutoff and the thermostat is available to set the temperature. You get hot water just in minutes of powering the geyser on.

Key Features:

  • The heating element is coated with glass
  • 3 liters storage capacity
  • the best geyser in India for high rise buildings
  • 3000W power consumption


  • Being the compact geyser the price of the geyser is comparatively high.

AO Smith is a very well-known company manufacturing home appliances. They have brought a corrosion free and easy to maintain water geyser that is the best even if you want to use it just for yourself.

10. Bajaj Flora 3-Litre Instant Water Heater


The Bajaj Flora water heater has a capacity of 3 liters which is very easy to mount on the wall and heats up water in no time. Neon indicators are present for heating and power functions. It has a tough heating element and has a longer life shell as compared to other 3-liter water heaters. They have triple safety systems and cables are fireproof. They use thermoplastic of the high-impact and rust-proof material to manufacture the geyser. The geyser is durable. This makes it one of the best instant water heaters in India in price.

Key Features:

  • The heating element supports for long life
  • Neon indicators are present to indicate power and heating
  • Operating power is 3000 watts
  • Capacity is 3 liters
  • Instant water heating


  • This geyser needs some extra parts apart from itself while installation which you need to buy.

With the benefit of instant water heating and compact size, Bajaj Flora has made its way in the homes of people who need cost-effective geysers. They have a long shelf life for the heating element which reduces the maintenance cost.

11. Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser


It stores 6 liters of water. It uses advanced combustion technology which gives this gas geyser an impressive kind of thermal efficiency. It uses the overheating protection feature to prevent the water from getting overheated. It provides a child lock feature to ensure the safety of your kids. It beeps an alarm if the water levels are low. The auto-ignition feature comes with a 20 minutes timer. It has oxygen depletion sensors and the burner heat settings that are adjustable. It is one of the best gas geysers in India in price.

Key Features:

  • Capacity to store 6-liter water.
  • Advanced combustion technology
  • Child lock feature to ensure kids are safe
  • low water level alarm
  • 2-year warranty


  • Warranty is less.
  • Does not heat water instantly

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser is worth the money you will spend in the gas geysers. With the depletion and heat sensors the geyser is one of the best geysers that you will get in the Indian market today.

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Buying a geyser for your home is a big responsibility and with the numerous options available in market one can only get confused. Hence, we bring you 11 best geysers water heaters in India with all the information on their features and pricing information in the links. Read, compare, analyze, and then decide which of these geysers are the best for your home.

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