Top 10 kitchen appliances for making healthy food recipes for your kids

Dietitians have informed us that eating healthy food starts from these two words: food preparation! Which means that without having a plan or with little to no preparation in advance, we tend to resort to those very “easy” but unhealthy food choices –such as often visiting the fast food. But visiting the fast food too often or eating food prepared outside the home always, does not only have an adverse effect on the quality of your diet but also puts you at an increased risk of gaining weight. This is why most of the best ways to eat good food or even lose weight are by making your own meals, all by yourself.

It is possible to make healthy eating very easy and convenient by equipping your kitchen with convenient appliances. In this article are ten fantastic tools that will motivate you to make healthy recipes for your kids and your family. These ten appliances will delight you in preparing healthy homemade meals, and also having these appliances will limit how much you visit fast food or eating unhealthy meals.

1. Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor


Nuts, herbs, and vegetables must be constituents of our means because they are very important for our diets. So if you need nuts flour, minced herbs oats or even chopped vegetables, then this mini food processor is all you need to do the job. One reason you’d love this mini food processor is that it is easier to work with than the larger or bulky food processors. It is also perfect for the small jobs that you would rather not do by hand, such small chores like mincing your herbs or making protein bars.

2. Pampered Chef Microplane Adjustable Coarse Grater


If you normally buy the pre-shredded cheese, then it is a shame you may be eating cellulose, (better known by the public as powdered wood pulp). It is used in most ready to eat cheeses and even in the so-called organic cheeses, to ensure that their strands do not stick together. To be free from eating this delicate stuff, you should only buy your own blocks of cheese and grate them in your home. That’s why you should choose this pampered chef tool. It is designed (unlike others) to be durable and ensure safety in the kitchen for you and your kids.

3. 60 seconds salad maker


This is a 3-in-1 kitchen appliance which prepares salads in no time.

It is very difficult to resist such a kitchen tool that promises you that fresh and homemade salad in only a minute. Don’t judge a book by its cover, this tool actually delivers just what it promises. And while you may think it only makes the salad, this tool does more than that. It is very versatile, so much that it is also a strainer, salad bowl, and cutting board all contained in a single package. This is a delight for lovers of healthy meals.

4. Ryback White Egg Quick Separator


This tool separates the whites from the egg yolk without any problem.

Are you trying to include leaner and higher protein meals in your diet? Then adding egg whites to your meal may just make all the difference. With this kitchen tool, you’re ready to enjoy all your salmon and rocket protein omelet. However, not all other appliance can separate egg yolks from whites with so much ease, but this little but useful device does all the work and helps you avoid the mess too.

5. Stainless Steel Juicer with Portable Manual Lid


There is no better way to begin or end your day than with a nice cup of freshly made home juice. It may interest you to know that even the so-called natural fruit juice you buy from the malls or supermarket all have additives and sugar which means they are not all as healthy you may have thought. Adding artificial sugar to food or drinks makes them artificial. So the best bet is to make your juice yourself, and this juicer is what you need to get started. At this price, it is very affordable and a must have.

6. KitchenAid Blender


You may use this blender for everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re making ingredients for soup, or smoothies to pesto, nut butter, other salad dressing or even hummus. The motor has the strength for all the texture of drink or recipe you want, which makes it an excellent choice for green smoothies or your veggie based soups. While these may seem to be quite pricy, it is very durable, which means you won’t be needing a change any time soon, so in the long run, it is a great and reliable buy.

7. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner


By using a good salad spinner to clean, wash or dry your leafy vegetables, you give yourself the extra motivation to eat more green and healthy food, and you would not need to go to the mall or shop to buy the expensive or overpriced salads anymore.

This salad spinner will help you save all the time in the world since you don’t have to take each leaf by hand to clean. And while it is good to eat healthy meals, you don’t want you or your kids to eat anything contaminated. 



Most of the salad dressing in the market are made with cheap oil, excess sugar and even salt, some are packed with excess chemicals and this is one very good reason why many people who are health conscious would prefer making their own toppings for their kids and family.

This appliance will help simplify that task. It comes with a very well defined measuring lines, which means you’d get your measurement of any recipe right, without mistakes. Everything is collected inside the measure mixer, so you don’t have to get other bowls messy.

9. Seleware Panda Jars


If you are interested in keeping a check the portion of the meal you eat, or you want to watch how much your kids consume, then this jar is the best choice for you. It helps you stay in control of how much you consume. It is a very durable choice and also comes in handy during workouts. You may even store your homemade snacks in it when you are going on a hike, skiing or if your kids are going out with their friends.

10. BELLA Hand Immersion Blender with Whisk Attachment


With this appliance, you get a compact tool that can withstand the pricier and even more conventional blenders. This portable handheld immersion blender helps you blend almost anything, anywhere, even right in the pot, bowl or cup. It saves you time since there is no extra bowl cleanup needed. You can use it for your smoothies, your tomato sauce, veggie based soups or even hummus

These appliances are very helpful in ensuring you prepare very healthy meals for your kids, and family. Is there something you think we’re missing? Let us know.

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