11 Key Features To Select Best Laptop 2019 [For Students, Gamers, Professionals]

In this article, we shall find out the 11 Key Features that you should look out for before buying the best Laptop [For Students, Gamers, Professionals and Home Use]

You might be worried and confused looking at Amazon or Flipkart with options of thousand laptops with different price points and specs before buying a laptop online.

If all you know is about how much money you have in hand and looking for best tips to buy a brand new laptop for your studies or office work, video editing, gaming or any other purpose.

Check out…

11 key features that you should look before buying a brand new laptop.

11 Key Features


Screen Size

CPU [Performance]


Hard Disc


Graphic Card

Ba​​​ttery Life

Display and Ports



1) Platform [Windows or Mac?]


It all depends upon your personal interest, what you want to do with the laptop and the amount of money you want to spend on your new laptop.

Both the platforms or good. The major difference is the performance along with the price.

If you are looking for high-end graphic design work, editing or any other creative work where performance and speed matter go for Mac.

Or else windows platform is as good as Mac if you are a college student, programmer or a movie buff just want to browse the internet, watch movies and do some office work.

Pay attention to the 32-bit or 64-bit processor while choosing any operating system or platform.

A 64-bit processor supports the latest software that you might be using on your laptop system.

If you want to use Laptop for gaming purpose pick Windows platform.

For Business, Creative (Video editing) and professional work use Mac (The brand, design, and performance is what makes people love Mac products)

Next thing that you need to check out is the screen size of the laptop that you gonna buy.

2) Screen size (Easy to carry and work on the go)


If you are a frequent traveler and use a laptop while traveling or want to use laptop where ever you go and carry with you than pick the smallest size or mid-size laptops with 11 inches or 13-inch screen size (mini size laptops are not heavy)

If you are a person who has dedicated workspace or use a laptop at your home or in the workplace go for large size screens. (15 or 17-inch screen size)

Also, if you are a movie buff want to watch regular movies and watch YouTube videos or work regularly on laptop pick the laptop that is larger than 15-inch size.

Let us now look into the main features of Your Laptop

Processor and Memory Features…

3) CPU


Most of the time you might be fine with the i3 and AMD processors if your purpose of buying the laptop is to browse the internet, watch movies and learn photoshop, PHP, AutoCAD by installing related software on your laptop.

However, if you want to multitask, use a laptop frequently for the purpose of video editing, gaming, SAP and architect jobs purpose you might look out for at least i5 processor on your laptop.

AMD processor is good if you are on a budget and use the laptop only for learning and movies (although overuse of laptop with AMD processor will  heat up quickly)

Pick i5 7th generation or plus if you have a budget of more than Rs.40000.

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4) RAM

4GB is enough for most laptop users and beyond 8GB is not required even if you are using the laptop for gaming and video editing purpose.

5) Storage

256 GB of internal storage is more than enough for any kind of laptop user. Unless you are a gamer.

6) Graphics Card [GPU]


The integrated Graphic card that comes with the laptop is fine for most of the users unless you are an extensive Gamer or a creative professional who need NVIDIA

Dedicated Graphic Memory with a Capacity of more than 4GB.

Check out for NVIDIA 4GB Graphic memory on the specification if you are looking for a laptop for Design, Architect, Video editing purpose.

7) Hard Disc Drive:

Prefer SSD over HDD if you have an extra budget of Rs.10000 to invest on your laptop.

SSD reads the data and copies the data fast and helpful to boot the system fast but is way too expensive compared to HDD.

Next Check out the battery life…

8) Battery Life

People normally do not focus on the battery life aspect of the laptop and end up charging and working with the laptop after a few months of buying the laptop.

If you do not want this happen to you make sure you buy a laptop that guarantees better battery life (minimum 4 hours to 8 hours)

9) Display and Ports

Watch out for a Full HD quality display (1920 x 1080) screens if you are buying for Gaming, Video editing and for good view experience.

However, be happy with what you get when you are on a budget as this is not the main criteria for the purpose of buying your laptop.

Obviously, a high-end laptop nowadays is equipped with 2560 x 1600, 3200 x 1800 screen sizes.

Also, look out for USB ports and HDMI out for video. If your laptop has a Type-C port than it will connect to universal chargers and plenty of other devices that you might be using in the near future.

10) Keyboard


Make sure the keyboard that you get with the laptop is standard and good to use. More than the design of the keys you must look for how comfortable you are using the keys and are the standard and withstand your typing speed and style.

The final thing to look out before buying a new laptop is the brand…

11) Choose the Best Brand with Great after sale service

If your budget is more than 40000 than you must prefer HP, Lenovo, and Dell Laptops.

If your budget is above 50000 then you must try to pick any of the Mac, Microsoft, or Lenovo Y series laptops which are best performance laptops.

Go for MSI and Asus Laptop Brands if you are a serious Gamer.


It is always a good idea to know the purpose of your laptop usage and spend quality time researching or going through the 11 key things discussed in this article on what are key features that you should look before buying a new brand laptop.

You surely pick the best laptop for the price you pay when you pay attention to the discussed points in this article. Some features are necessary and some are a luxury so based on your budget pick the best value laptop for you or for your family.

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