11 Best WiFi Router in India 2019 [for Home and Office Use]

In today’s fast-paced world, connectivity is the key. Information is the need of the hour, for it needs to be accessed in every sphere within a short span of time. Majority of job descriptions require one to access a computer to work on and deal with a phenomenal amount of data.

Depending upon your requirement of how fast you want the internet speed, you can choose the absolute right fit from the listed-out best WiFi router in India options.

TP-Link TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless-N Router

D-Link Dir-600M N150 Broadband Wireless Router
D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router

Best WiFi Routers in India under 1000

Pricing is quite important and decisive factors along with the quality of any product. Here’s is a list of products that are popular as well as economical at the same time. Listed below are two WiFi Routers that are priced under INR 1000 in India.

#1 TP-Link TL-WR841N Wireless N Routers


This device is considered one of the most cost-effective WiFi router options available in the marketplace.

Features of the Router:

  • Offers a speed of up to 300 Mbps for a great wireless performance.
  • Compact in size (5.1 x 1.3 x 7.6 inches) and weighs about 8.1 ounces.
  • Has a double antenna for a vast coverage.
  • Features LED lights in front of the router.
  • Has WiFi and Power on/off buttons
  • Easy to set up and user-friendly
  • Presents the user with a Web interface to adjust the settings on the router.


  • Compatible in both wired and wireless formats.
  • A steady 300 Mbps speed helps stream HD videos and online games with ease.
  • Efficient in transmitting data over large spaces and doesn’t get interrupted due to small obstructions.
  • Cost-effective.


  • USB devices are not supported by this router.
  • This 802.11n router, figuratively, functions on the 2.4GHz band instead of 5GHz (when compared to other routers).

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#2 D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router


D-Link routers are quite well-known in the marketplace for their efficiency. Some of the prominent features of this router can be listed as follows.

Features of the Router:

  • Installed with two antennas for better connectivity across long distances.
  • Comes with a wireless-N technology that reduces buffering during activities like downloads, online games, playing music, etc.
  • Features the advanced version of WPA/WPA2 encryptions settings for stronger security.
  • Supports UPnP (or Universal Plug and Play) settings to connect to devices like PCs, and several wireless devices.
  • Features NAT firewalls to diagnose network traffics and offer robust security.
  • Supports internet networking standards like IEEE 802.11n/g/b, IEEE 802.3u, IEEE 802.3x, and IEEE 802.3 respectively.
  • Has an inbuilt QoS engine for a fluent user experience.


  • Great internet speed.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Supports up to 4 wired connections.
  • Robust security settings.
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports the latest IPv6 protocol.


Best Wifi Router in India under 1500

#1 TP-Link Archer C20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router 


Another router priced under 1500 with exceptional specifications. One of the best networking devices available today.

Features of the Router:

  • Support dual bands of 2.5GHz and 5GHz respectively.
  • Has dual antennas for maximum coverage
  • Features USB ports for printer as well as file sharing.
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK WiFi encryption.
  • Supports IPv6-version.
  • Can be set up easily.


  • Supports the networking configuration of 802.11AC (much faster than the N-standard).
  • Has the Parental control feature.
  • Enables guest network access
  • Features the Tether App that supports up to 22 languages and wider reach.
  • Has high-performance security specifications.


  • A tad bit expensive than the routers of the same class.
  • Quite a weak signal strength for a 5GHz band.

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Best WiFi Routers in India under 2000

If you are looking out for slightly better speed, more coverage and additional features in your router, there are options available in the INR 2000 or lesser range.

#1 Netgear WNR614 N300 Wi-Fi Router (White, Not a Modem)


NETGEAR is considered a reputed WiFi Router budget brands in India. Some of the best features of this equipment can be listed as follows.

Features of the Router:            

  • It is installed with external antennas for more WiFi coverage.
  • It offers the user with a WiFi speed of up to 300 Mbps and is ideal for medium-sized homes.
  • It makes the HD streaming convenient and smooth and is a good router for playing online games in lieu of its advanced security features.
  • It also features a home network manager app called NETGEAR genie with a Push ‘N’ button for easy usage.


  • Has a parental control option
  • Has an additional guest network facility
  • Due to two firewalls- NAT (Network Address Translation) and SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection), it is considered a top-rated security device.
  • User-friendly


  • Consumers have frequently complained about the dropping connection issue.
  • It can hardly distinguish between UDP (User Data program Protocol) and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol) during data transfer.

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Best WiFi Routers in India under 2500

There are several options available in this category. These routers have expansive features to meet some of the high-end connectivity requirements of the user.

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#1 TP-LINK Archer C60 AC1350 Wireless Dual Band Router


Enamoring a strong and swift LAN connectivity, this router has some intriguing specifications to offer.

Features of the Router:

  • Supports 4 LAN and 1 WAN interface
  • Features individual on/off, wireless, reset, and power buttons respectively.
  • Supports wireless specifications such as IEEE 802.11AC/N/A 5GHz, as well as IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz.
  • Parental Control feature
  • Is operable on MAC, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.10, Linus, Netwar, and UNIX versions.


  • The 802.11AC configuration offers high-performance traffic menacing function.
  • Fast and robust WiFi connectivity
  • Integrated with 5 antennas for maximum coverage without getting the connection disruption.
  • Easy sharing and high security along with guest network access feature.
  • The Tether App helps manage the router settings on the interactive web platform.


#2 Reliance JIO JIOFI-3 (JMR540) 4G Router


One of the most popular brands in the Indian marketplace, Reliance Jio 4G routers offer a plethora of features at a dependable cost.

Features of the Router:

  • Allows a huge number of devices (31 no.) plus 1 USB connection to the router.
  • The Jio4GVoice App allows HD video calls, and high-quality messaging content to be shared with a 2G or 3G enabled handset.
  • Easy to carry and a 2600mAh battery helps sustain the device for up to 6 hours.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on the device and 6 months warranty on the accessories.


  • Can be used as a portable WiFi hotspot.
  • Compatible with Jio sim cards, i.e. has a nano sim card interface and micro SD card interface.
  • Installed with 10 USB ports
  • Has a detachable USB charger and automatic power off option for energy conservation.


Best WiFi Routers in India under 3000

This category of routers are quite compatible for both home and office use. Let us find out some of the outstanding features of a few products in this category.

#1 D-Link DIR-605L Wireless N Cloud Router (Black)


According to latest reports, D-Link router brand has had quite a significant presence in the Indian diaspora with 21 percent market share so far.

Features of the Router:

  • Offers a distinct cloud service that is accessible through both iOS and Android smartphones via Mydlink App.
  • Known for high-speed WiFi connectivity and coverage.
  • Allows multiple users to access internet using the NAT (Network Address Translation) feature.
  • Uses the Wireless N technology.
  • Has 4-LAN ports for multiple user access.

Priced at INR 2,500.00 on Amazon. (https://www.amazon.in/D-Link-DIR-605L-Wireless-Cloud-Router/dp/B0085IAWQG).


  • Has an innovative cloud series platform.
  • User-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Prompts any unauthorized intrusions using its methodical wireless technology.
  • Parental control facility available
  • Compatible with MAC OS X, Windows 2000/XP/10.3/10.4, and Linux.


  • Only supports a single 2.4GHz band
  • No integrated USB port.

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#2 TP-Link Archer C1200 Gigabit Wireless Wi-Fi Router


Quite a strong device of its kind, this router has been tagged the new king of budget routers for both home and office use.

Features of the Router:

  • Supports the Beamforming technology version 2.0 and above for a high-performance wireless connection.
  • Supports 802.11AC wireless networking standards.
  • Installed with 4-gigabit LAN ports for a highspeed wired connection.
  • Comes with a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Observed internet speed is up to 1167 Mbps.
  • Comfortable manual set up and a Tether App wizard to help assist with internet settings.


  • Cost-effective product
  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Can be considered one of the fastest wireless connectivity response rate.
  • Wall-mounting facility available.


The online setup option via Tether App cannot be accessed on a different internet connection.

  • Can easily attract dust particles.
  • Best WiFi Routers in India for Home Use

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Best WiFi Router in India for Home Use 2019 [Premium & Multi Device Usage]

A WiFi Router in Indian homes can be used to serve several functions. This includes faster connectivity for a seamless gaming experience or managing heavy work files, or just personal use.

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#1 Asus RT-AC5300 Tri-Band Wireless Router


For gamers, this device is quite a game-changer. Some of the most alluring features of this equipment are listed below.

Features of the Router:

  • Works on Broadcom NitroQAM technology for lightning speed received by multiple users at the same time.
  • Installed with 1.8GHz Quad-core processor with a wireless speed of up to 5334 Mbps.
  • Works on a 2Gbps speed on a wired connection
  • Has a revolutionary AiMesh technology that converts home-based WiFi configuration into a mesh to create a large network.


  • One of the fastest wireless connectivity device.
  • Installed with 8 external dual-band removable antennas for a very strong WiFi coverage.
  • Comes with updated WRT firmware, AiCloud, AiProtection, Dual-WAN, and other significant features, hence an effective machine.
  • Compatible with mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.


High Priced Best WiFi Router India 2019

#2 Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router (R9000)


For a powerful and technologically advanced router, you can opt for Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router (R9000).

Features of the Router:

  • Equipped with MU-MIMO (Multiple User-Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology.
  • Offers the user with a thunderous speed of 5GHz.
  • Works on IEEE 802.11AC as well IEEE 802.11AD networking standards
  • Compatible with Plex Media Server.
  • Enabled with VPN support framework.


  • Offers up to 60GHz consistent speed.
  • Supports rapid high-speed wired and wireless connections.
  • Supports up to 10Mbps data
  • Quite an attractive design


  • Very expensive.
  • Signals emitted cannot penetrate walls, hence can only perform when devices are operated within a certain area.

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Best WiFi Routers in India for Office Use

For office use, routers must exhibit specifications to support file transfers, secured networks, optical fiber connectivity, great wired and wireless networking standards, etc.

#1 Linksys Systems RV 110W Wireless-N VPN Firewall


This is an apt device for small businesses in India.

Features of the Router:

  • Installed with 4-LAN ports to support Printers, laptops/PCs, VOIP, and similar functions related to an office.
  • Great speed ensures a high-quality VOIP experience,
  • Support UI/UX designs.
  • Easy to configure.


  • Exhibits multi-VLAN (virtual LAN) configuration for better connectivity. Also supports inter-VLAN features.
  • Enabled with WiFi SSIDs for device security during internet connection.
  • Offers the most intriguing IP security in the form of IPSEC VPN configuration.
  • Cost-effective when compared to other office use routers.


  • Absence of the inbuilt PoE (power over ethernet) makes it impossible to use IP cameras.
  • At times, slow internet connection observed.

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Conclusion [Wrapping Up]

These are a few examples of the best WiFi router devices one can choose from in India. Whether you use the router for one single laptop or desktop at home, or for multiple user equipment in your startup or small business.

You will find great list to choose from and based on the budget, specifications, and network facility you can make a purchase from various e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Go for D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router(office use), choose D-Link DIR-615 Wireless-N300 Router if you are on a budget. If you are looking for a smart home to support for multiple devices and for gaming pick the premium Asus RT-AC5300 Tri-Band Wireless Router.

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